About Nancy Herrington
Nancy hiking in the Austrian Alps

Experimenting with media helps me find ways to express most effectively the events, memories and relationships I experience. I incorporate whatever material or medium appropriate to the art piece, but paint primarily with acrylic, oil, and ink, on linen, canvas, and assorted papers. Many of my art pieces are completed in a series to give multiple interpretations of the same concept and to suggest the passing of time. In earlier bodies of work, the conflict of my identity as a stay-at-home mother raising four children while studying to be an artist resulted in an examination of cultural constructs and power structures.

A recent body of work, “Under Closer Examination: Happiness,” is focused on personal sources of peace and enjoyment. I am also producing a series of paintings, “Vicarious Pleasures,” based on imagery supplied by my family and close friends. Particularly poignant aspects of my life experience are primary sources for my art work, but I ultimately feel my subject matter contains universal moments in which we all share.

Nancy Herrington
March 2010

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